Barn Doors

Rogue Valley Door

Whether it’s the entrance to your home or the interior doors throughout, Rogue Valley Door offers the perfect reflection of your personal style. Built to last a lifetime, each door is finely crafted to your specifications using only the finest American-grown
wood and proudly made in Oregon, U.S.A.

Codel Doors

Since 1997, CODEL has been the leading Pacific Northwest fabricator, assembler, marketer, and distributor of pre-hung fiberglass and steel entry door systems for residential homes. Complete and On-Time Delivery has been the expectation for our customers and our vision from the start. Steady commitment to this vision has enabled us to become a market leader.

Simpson Door

There’s a reason why a welcome mat is placed at the foot of a door. A door is the warm greeting as you enter the home. Conversely it is the welcoming promise of the world beyond as you leave those walls behind. The closing of a door can bring comfort and security.